NFT Lending in DeFi Warrior — Step-by-step instructions

Finally, DeFi Warrior users can maximize their profits by lending their Warriors to other members, which promises a lot of fun experience for the whole community.

As a lender

  • Step 01: Go to NFT Market, then to Inventory and select the Warrior you want to lend.
  • Step 02: Select lending option

a. Normal

  • Price per day: The daily fee the borrower has to pay
  • Duration: The total days the Warrior is available for borrowing
  • Allow forking: To allow the borrower to fork a new Warrior using the lended Warrior. If yes, the new Warrior will belong to the borrower.
  • Extra forking fee: An additional fee added to the total fee paid to the lender if forking is allowed.
  • Promotion: pin the Warrior to Feature

Note: The normal option does not allow the Warrior to evolve


  • Sophia lends a Warrior for 10 days.
  • Chloe borrows the Warriors for 03 days => after 03 days, the Warrior will be back to the Lending market
  • Anna then borrows for another 07 days => after 07 days, the Warrior will be lended for 10 days, and Sophia needs to claim the Warrior back to her wallet.

b. Private (can be used by game guides, scholars, and normal players)

  • Specific wallet: The private option allows the Warrior to be lended to a specific user. The lender has to enter that user’s wallet address here
  • Duration: Like above
  • Allow forking: Like above. But with the private option, the new Warrior will belong to the lender
  • Allow evolution: To allow the Warrior to be evolved while being used by the borrower. If yes, when the Warrior is claimed back by the lender, the new level and tier will be maintained.

Borrower profit: the % of eCWIG earned from the game that the borrower gets (set for the borrower’ wallet, not for the Warrior)


Chloe is Sophia’s private borrower for 30 days, with forking & evolution allowed, and the borrower profit is set at 40%.

Chloe uses the Warrior for forking 2 times + evolve that Warrior from tier 1 to 2 + earns 100 eCWIG from playing the game => Sophia gets 2 new Warriors + 60 eCWIG + the lended Warrior of tier 2

  • Step 3: Confirm

My Lending

a. Report: only for private lending

This is where you can check all the revenues from your private borrowers.

b. Profit sharing: Where you can add new private wallet + sharing profit or edit the available ones

Cancel Lending

Normal: You can only cancel lending when the warrior isn’t being borrowed

  • Go to Inventory, select the Warrior that is being lended
  • Click “Cancel Lend”

Private: You can cancel anytime, the sharing profits will still be yours

As a borrower

  • Normal borrowing

Step 1: Go to the lending market and select the Warrior you want to lend

Tag definition:

  • Lending: available for borrowing
  • Lending Borrowed: has been borrowed (Normal)
  • Lending Private: has been borrowed (Private)
  • Lending Withdrawing: the lending has ended; the Warrior is waiting for the lender to withdraw.

Step 2: Enter the borrow terms

  • Rental day(s): The number of days you want to borrow the Warrior
  • Forkable: The Warrior can be used for forking (if not allowed, it will be unforkable)
  • Fork while borrowing: Enter the number of times you plan to use the Warrior to fork

Step 3: Check the price and enter

b. Private borrowing

Note: With the private option, the profit will be set for wallet => borrowers are strongly recommended to use a separate wallet for borrowing.

Step 1: Go to My Borrowing

Step 2: Click “Waiting For Claiming” to check if there are any Warriors has been lended to you

Step 3: Claim those private Warriors and play

With the NFT Lending function, DeFi Warrior has expanded itself further in the Play-to-Earn sector. This surely solidify its status among hundreds of projects in the market.




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