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2 min readSep 27, 2022

Beside the dance moves and energetic music, there are also minigames with special rewards in the Music Night Event for you, Meracians!

Total reward: 100 USDT

Time: 3, October, 2022/ 12:35–13:15 (UTC)


- COPYCAT (5$/player): There will be 2 model characters named “Copycat_1” and “Copycat_2” appearing on the main stage and 3 players with the most similar outfit to them will win this reward. You need to take a screenshot and send it to DeFi Warrior Official Group on the Telegram channel to claim this prize

- LUCKY DICE (5$/player): The 2 fastest players who use the random command in the chat section and get the correct numbers will win. This game includes 2 rounds:

+ Round 1: Participants use the command “/random(1,50)” and who gets the number 19 first will win

+ Round 2: Participants use the command “/random(40,90)” and who gets the number 79 first will win

- MERA QUIZ (5/player): 5 different quizzes about THE MERA will show up for 10 seconds in turn on the stage screen. The top 5 players who type the correct answers will be the winners

Besides the above activities, we will have more surprise minigames (include 2 below minigames) for online players in the days after the Music Night. Stay tuned to find out more!

  • LOCATE ME! (5$/player): A picture of buildings in THE MERA will be shown on the stage screen. Players need to find that spot, take a screenshot and send it to group The players who finish all the step first will get the reward.
  • FAST FINGERS (5$/player): A random character string will be showed on stage and participants need to type it correctly to get the prize. Do it quickly to become one of the 5 winners in this game!


- If no one can get the correct number in the “LUCKY DICE” game, the reward will be canceled

- All the minigames will take place at the main stage and detailed instructions about them will be shown on the screen. Remember to read the message from our team to join in it

- To guarantee that the reward is sent to the right wallet addresses, players will claim the reward after we confirm it through DM

- If you have any problem while playing, please take a screenshot and send it to TheMera_Support

The most elite Meracians will compete in this race, so you should prepare for it right now!



The Mera