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3 min readJan 27, 2022

Our beloved DWERs,

When you’re spending a lot of time in DeFi Warrior, we know that little quality improvements can have a big impact. So throughout the last time, our team takes time to gather feedback and build changes to enhance your experience.

We have decided to change the Mining mechanism to help reduce eCwig inflation, increase demand and decrease supply. The change will take place as follows:

📌 Remove current mining: remove the node and upgrade for BTC, ETH planet. (The facilities use to build node will be returned to your gift box and we will compensate the eCwig that you used to upgrade)

📌 Remove the factories recalling feature (You can recall it now because after the update you won’t be able to recall them anymore)

📌 Remove the pool size limit, the number of each type of pool you can build is unlimited.

📌 Change cost build facilities/factories, upgrade cost

New functions:

The number of nodes that can be built will depend on the number of warrior’s stars that user has. That means each star of each warrior will build 1 node.

⭐️For example, if you have 3 warriors, including 2 warriors with 3 stars and 1 warrior with 2 stars, you will be allowed to build up to 8 nodes.

Maintenance features:

🛠Every 7 days, the nodes will be damaged and reduce the mining efficiency by 25%, players need to use facilities to repair.

If after 4 times of no fixing, the nodes will return to 0% and be destroyed.

Factory cost:

Consume energy:


The number of facilities to build nodes
Notice: The nodes can work as long as the warrior is still in your wallet. In case the warrior is no longer in the wallet, the node will be deactivated.This phase we will open planet BTC & ETH first.

In addition, we will also update more UI like showing node durability, add some pop-up messages for your convenience.

We greatly appreciate your understanding when it comes to making these changes.

🔥Let’s wait for the updates as well as the release of new features in February this year.

✨From Defi Warrior team with love!



The Mera