Message from DeFi Warrior’s CEO- Mark Dao

Thank you for your interest and support for DeFi Warrior since the day we launched.

We would like to update the released functions and upcoming events of the DeFi Warrior as follows:

1. Released on IDO/IEO exchanges. We always try keeping the price not going up too much to ensure long-term development. We differ from other projects that increase 100 times and then drop causing bad effects to users.

2. Opened the first event selling NFT Warriors as planned and all the available Warriors were sold out in a few minutes.

3. Released NFT Warrior staking function

4. The function of trading between users on NFT marketplace has been released, and is currently one of the projects that are carefully tracked by Binance for the MVB III program. We are one of 6 games that will do BINANCE LIVE on September 24th in Chinese and English.

5. Launching FIWA staking and CWIG staking today

6. Launching game testnet phase 1 in September

7. Launching the game testnet in early October. We will also publish the ecosystem design of DeFi Warrior that is definitely different from other NFT DeFi games on the market. We’ve been coding these systems for a while, not just drawing flows. It will be also released before October 15.

8. Regarding relationships with partners, we are currently building a Hyperchain game which helps us receive great attention from Fantom chain and OKEx chain. We will publish these information later

9. About listing on the next exchanges, we are ready to connect and are choosing a time to be on larger exchanges than GATE.

10. Currently, there are many NFT games that follow the trend, but with 50 employees running the code in two shifts from morning to midnight, we believe we will do it great and have your support.

And in the near future, my twitter will be a channel to reveal our game designs, in order to help users have strategies when the mainnet comes out. So please follow my Twitter for upcoming information.




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