How do DWers buy NFT Warriors for the 2nd release!

The Mera
3 min readSep 24, 2021


Now, there are around 3250 NFT Warriors ready for the 2nd sale, in which:

  • 2,700 warriors are distributed via the “Warrior ticket” mechanism. (Stake 10.000FIWA to earn tickets). Warrior ticket is guaranteed a slot to buy a warrior.
  • The remaining warriors will be sold in the community pool (same scheme as the 1st sale: first come first served).
  • Opening time: 9AM UTC Sept 24th, 2021

📌 Pool Loyalty Portal: 2700 warriors (for those who has ticket)

📌 Pool Community: about 550 warriors

  • Warrior price: 320 $FIWA / Warrior


  • Only accept Metamask.
  • Have your MetaMask ready with $FIWA tokens to buy NFT Warrior.
  • If you approve the transaction and it fails to process, that means someone has won the last warrior ticket. You can lose the gas fee, your FIWA is not locked yet. This is how blockchain works and don’t ask the admin for help if this is the case.


Community portal

  1. Go to
  2. Connect Metamask wallet

3. Go to “Community Portal”

Access “Buy Warrior” on menu, then you can see 2 pools, please click “Community Portal”

4. Get in line

When being selected, you have 5 minutes to execute the trade. If there is no trade after 5 minutes, it will be canceled and you have to get in line from the beginning.

5. Select Warrior’s representation

6. Confirm “Buy Warrior”

This step will access your FIWA

7. Comfirm

This step will charge BNB fee

8. Your Warrior

The purchase is successful when you see your Warrior appears as below

9. Check your Warriors in “My asset”

Note: Users can get in line again from the beginning to buy new characters, without limiting the number of characters 1 user can buy.


  1. Go to
  2. Connect Metamask wallet
  3. Go to “Loyalty Portal”

Method 1: Go to the Buy Warrior section on the menu to show these 2 pools, select “Loyalty Portal”

Method 2: Go to Warrior ticket, at the staking pool, click BUY WARRIOR to go to step 4

4. From this step onwards, follow the same steps as Community Portal.

Prepare your MetaMask ready with $FIWA to stake and earn a “Warrior Buying Ticket”.



The Mera