$FIWA vesting status

The Mera
2 min readSep 7, 2021

Thank you for your support to DeFi Warrior’s great IDO on Poolz, Red Kite, IEO & listing on Gate.io, as well as listing on PancakeSwap and KyberDMM. DeFi Warrior has finished the fundraising rounds and our tokens are successfully distributed to the investors, partners, liquidity pool…

We are announcing the vesting status for our FIWA tokens after great. In order to grant full transparency over the status of the planned vesting scheme, FIWA tokens will be moved to multiple addresses that will better reflect the purpose of each allocation as presented in our token allocation.

Vesting Information

All of FIWA tokens are vested under this contract: https://github.com/Defi-Warrior/presale-contracts/blob/master/contracts/LockV2.sol

To check any strong holder’s vesting, please go to our check vesting site: https://defiwarrior.io/check-vesting/

We have transferred the tokens to our investors, partners and they are vested under the above contract.

Team & Advisors tokens are vested in this address:

Current vesting:

Ecosystem & Liquidity tokens are vested in this address:

We have used around 100,000,000 FIWA for Ecosystem and Adding Liquidity purposes. Current vesting:

Marketing & Partnership tokens are vested in this address:

We have transferred around 300,000,000 FIWA to our partners and the tokens are vested in the same contract. Current vesting:

LP token locked

DeFi Warrior has provided liquidity on PancakeSwap and KyberDMM. According to our strategy, the LP Token at KyberDMM is used for our collaboration with KyberDMM. We’ll make an announcement about the liquidity mining program.

Regarding the LP token on PancakeSwap, we have the LP token locked as follows: https://team.finance/view-coin/0x633237C6FA30FAe46Cc5bB22014DA30e50a718cC



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