First token burn in DeFi Warrior

The Mera
2 min readNov 1, 2021

Today is the first time DeFi Warrior has burned FIWA tokens, marking that the project has generated revenue and, at the same time, reduced the supply and increased the value of the token in the long-term.

The first time FIWA tokens has been burned

One million FIWA generated from DeFi Warrior’s players’ in-game activities was burned today for the purpose of limiting the possibility of FIWA inflation.

Why Burn Tokens

Although the project is in the very early stages, we realize burning tokens will help increase the value of FIWA. It is very important to gradually reduce the number of tokens available so as not to put pressure on the entire market.

Therefore, burning tokens as soon as possible will bring the best benefits to FIWA holders.

  • Sources of tokens: Transaction fee on the marketplace, from events like NFT Two Dollars, IGO…
  • This process will be done periodically and announced after each burn to bring balance to the ecosystem of FIWA
  • The amount of burn will be determined for each burn.

Our goal is to make FIWA one of the most valuable tokens in not only the GameFi sector but also crypto. FIWA is an important governance Token in the DeFi Warrior ecosystem, which in the future will play a vital role in the Crypto Metaverse.

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We will continue to create good products and policies to support the value of FIWA as well as the benefits of our token holders.


DeFi Warrior Team.



The Mera