DEX Launching: DeFi Warrior To Combine DEX with The Blockchain Game

The Mera
3 min readNov 26, 2021


Users will be able to trade crypto on DeFi Warrior exchange, add liquidity for the trading pair, and especially use LP tokens in the game.



  1. Go to “Exchange” from the homepage to start swapping tokens

2. At the moment of launch, users can swap both FIWA and CWIG to BUSD and vice versa

3. Enter the amount of tokens users wish to swap, the system will automatically calculate the exchange rate.

4. Users can set the slippage tolerance as they wish to

Liquidity pool

  1. Go to “Liquidity” from the homepage
  2. Click “Find other LP tokens” to search for liquidity pools to add tokens to

3. In the beginning, there will be only two liquidity pools, FIWA-BUSD and CWIG-BUSD

4. After selecting a pool, choose “Add liquidity” to add tokens to the pool

5. Users can also set the slippage tolerance in “Liquidity”

6. After adding tokens to the liquidity pool, users will receive LP tokens in return


  1. Go to “Farming” from the homepage to start farming using the LP tokens received after contributing to the liquidity pools
  2. At the moment of launch there will be two farming pools — FIWA-BUSD and CWIG-BUSD — for using the LP tokens received from their respective pools.

3. Both farming pools will generate FIWA

The benefits of DEX in DeFi Warrior

Many benefits shall come from the LP tokens from the liquidity pools. These tokens are planned to enhance the players’ gaming experience. These LP tokens will definitely add more depth to the layers of the game as the project becomes more appealing to the gaming community.

Moreover, the definition of DeFi goes beyond decentralized exchange, liquidity pool and farming. DeFi Warrior started from being a Play-to-Earn game and is now entering a new territory as more DeFi features are being brought into the project, creating its own metaverse and making it an offer hard to the members of the crypto community.



The Mera