DeFi Warrior To Launch In-Game Daily Missions For Enhanced Gaming Experience

The Mera
2 min readNov 11, 2021

Since the Mainnet was released, DeFi Warrior has been providing players with a diverse experience through a variety of game modes integrated into the game. But that is just the beginning, as DeFi Warrior is taking a step further to create more enjoyable moments.

By completing the missions, players can get access to daily rewards, including: eCWIG, stamina, basic and premium Gacha tickets.

  • Log into the game everyday
  • Use 30 stamina
  • Consume 100 energy for mining
  • Revive 1 time in Adventure mode
  • Buy anything in E-Exchange shop
  • Complete 5 stages in a row in Adventure mode
  • Complete 10 PvP battles
  • Win 5 PvP matches
  • Complete 10 stages in Adventure mode
  • Build 1 node in mining mode
  • Complete all daily missions

Different missions will come with different rewards, and all the missions will be reset at 0:00 UTC-08:00 whether players have completed them or not.

When the player claims rewards, they wil be sent to the claimbox.

When claiming rewards already, these missions are dimmed down. The message shows that mission is completed and moved to the bottom of the list.


— — —

These daily missions will keep the players engaged while assisting them with earning in the game, and will definitely open doors to more new releases from DeFi Warrior.



The Mera