DeFi Warrior Set to Launch Initial Warrior Offering (IWO) for Blockchain Projects

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3 min readDec 8, 2021


DeFi Warrior’s own version of Initial Game Offering (IGO) will be launched to welcome a wave of blockchain project developers to its GameFi platform.

With blockchain getting more trendy and 2022 around the corner, DeFi Warrior is planning to use the IWO platform as a NFT launchpad for projects and contribute to the growth of the blockchain sector as a whole.

Initial Warrior Offering (IWO) is a combination of IGO and the main game element, which is warriors. IWO will serve as a launchpad, create and launch projects’ NFT warriors and their tokens in DeFi Warrior.

On the launchpad, gamers will be able to see all the projects that are launching IWOs, including those that are live, finished, and the upcoming ones, with all the information about the projects such as social media, total raise, the progression, and the amount of participants being visible.

In order to participate in an IWO to claim NFT warriors and receive token from a project, a user first has to connect the wallet to DeFi Warrior, followed by the three conditions that must be met

  • Owning at least 1 warrior
  • Holding some FIWA for staking
  • Staking a certain amount of token that each project requires

If the user meets the conditions, the staked 10,000 FIWA will be locked for 14 days. When the IWO reaches 100% in progress, the users can claim token depending on the project’s IWO & NFT warriors will be able to be used in game soon.

Claimed warriors will come in the form of boxes. After a period of time, those boxes can be opened and the claimers will receive the NFT warriors and use them in the game.

With the IWO launchpad, DeFi Warrior is providing users with opportunities not only to own more warriors and make the gaming experience more fun, but also to get access to blockchain projects in their early stage and expand their investment portfolio. This is a significant breakthrough for DeFi Warrior.

What you can expect from IWOs

🔸More unique NFT warriors for more enjoyable moments in the game

🔸The chances to gain in-game items as rewards

🔸To get possession of the project tokens

🔸The opportunities to attend events with the projects’ warriors

🔸To get your hands on many blockchain projects with huge upside potential


  • Reward:
    💎 eIWO tokens (for example: eBELLY, ePIRA,…)
    💎 eFIWA
    💎 Facilities
  • Every day, users will receive rewards according to each match, but the total reward is only paid up to the pool of that day.
    - If there’s any reward that runs out of quantity per day, users will not receive that reward.
    - Rewards may expire sooner than planned, depending on how often players receive them.

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