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5 min readMar 16, 2022

This instruction will guide you to install the game app for Android and iOS so that you can quickly get started to experience DeFi Warrior world.


Step 1: Download the app

Go to CHPlay for Android or Appstore for iOS

Search for “DeFi Warrior” and click to download

⚙️iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/defi-warrior/id1600820852 (Only supports iOS 11 and later versions)

⚙️Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hitechhorizon.defiwarrior

App Icon

Step 2: After accessing the application, you will have 3 options: Trial Mode, Login, and Register.

📱Option 1: Trial mode

You can access the trial mode if you want to get more experience before paying to play. You needn’t pay anything in this mode because it’s free to play.

** In this mode, all data are non-blockchain. You are able to try this mode within 5 days. After 5 days from the time you access it, the interface of this mode will disappear. What you earn from playing the trial mode has no value.

** Whenever you click to exit Trial mode in the trial time (5 days), all data will be removed. When you re-enter Trial Mode, you will be randomly given 3 warriors to play again.

📱Option 2: You can choose “Login” if you have already had an account (the one that has been linked to your Metamask Wallet logged on the PC/Laptop before)

💎This is the best and most convenient way out of the 3 options💎

Step 1: Go to https://app.defiwarrior.io/settings on your PC

Step 2: Click the button “Link now” to sync your account. You can easily sync this account into a Mobile device.

Step 3: Choose signing in with “Google” if you use Android or “Apple ID” if you use iOS. Then fill in your information.

Step 4: After you have already filled in your information, the interface will show like the image below with the message “linked

Step 5: Now you can login by the account which is linked to the wallet on your PC/Laptop made in step 4. Data has been synced already.

📱Option 3: Register: when you have not had any account on the web version and want to create an account on the Mobile first.

Step 1: Click “Register”

Step 2: You can choose 1 in 2 options: Register with Apple or Google

Step 3: After you have registered your account on a Mobile device and want to sync it on PC device, you have to create a completely new wallet address Metamask BEP20 (haven’t logged into the game before) by PC/Laptop

Step 4: You have to approve this new wallet into the game. When you click to “Connect wallet”, you will see the interface below, then choose “Google” or “Apple ID” and fill in your information.

  • Please DO NOT CLICK the “SKIP and LOGIN” button if you want to sync your Mobile account on your PC account.
1 wallet account can only link up to 1 icloud account or 1 google account.

We recommend that users should have an account on the Web (PC) first, then can easily sync this account to mobile devices. If you create an account on a mobile device first, syncing your account to the web will be complicated. In case of failure to synchronize with the wallet you want, it will cost a lot to transfer assets back and forth between wallet addresses.


  • The special thing about the mobile version is that you are able to buy Warrior packages directly through Appstore or CHPlay by money, not FIWA.
  • Due to Apple policy, only 02–03 packages of Warrior are available on the Mobile store per day for the whole server. Each package includes 03 random warriors (99.99$ / package).
  • Fork, evolution, forge and any purchasing in the in-game shop require eCwig only (no Fiwa and no Cwig). Fork/evolution fee on mobile version will be total of current FIWA price and eCWIG level on the PC/Laptop version.
  • NFTs purchased through Mobile are non-NFT assets. In order for NFT Warrior and NFT Body Part to be tradable on the Marketplace, you need to convert to NFT. There is no conversion fee, you only need to pay a gas fee
  • Converting Non- NFT to NFT can only be performed on PC version, not in Mobile version. It’s quite easy, just follow these instructions:

📍Step 1: Go to https://app.defiwarrior.io/assets

📍Step 2: Tick in “Non-NFT” then choose these characters that you want to convert to NFT

📍Step 3: Approve Metamask and you will be charged some gas fee

📍Step 4: This message will show when the system has converted your characters already.

Starter pack (send to user giftbox) for Trial Mode:

To help you easily experience the game, the system will send a package includes some items as belows:

  • Facilities : 600 PSU / 600 GPU / 600 CPU
  • 10,000 Ecwig (for megapool / wallet upgrades and e-exchange purchases)
  • Body part : 3 combo body part BTC (1 + 2 + 3 pieces for weapon / body / equipped hand)
  • 1 mystery body part / 3 ETH mystery body part fragment
  • Gacha : 50 basic gacha tickets / 50 premium gacha tickets
  • Package stamina : 100 stamina (in Inventory)
  • Card fork: 1 common card / 1 rare card / 1 extremely rare card (random type of stat card)
  • Pool :1 pool 2x2 / 1 pool 3x3 / 1 pool 4x3 / 1 pool 3x5

Note: the above items are not valid to earn

It’s interesting, right? The Mobile version will have the same functions as the PC version. You will be able to experience the game anywhere, anytime, and can earn more and more!

🔥Guys! Ready to exploreeee😎



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