[DeFi Warrior] NFT Staking Pool Is Already !!!

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3 min readSep 12, 2021


DeFi Warrior will launch NFT Warrior staking pool at 1:00 PM UTC September 12th, 2021. DWers will be able to stake NFT Warrior to earn CWIG.

  • Pool open: 1:00 PM UTC September 12th, 2021
  • Stake: NFT Warrior. You can add more than 1 warrior to stake.
  • Reward: $CWIG

Other use cases of NFT Warriors coming soon:

  • Stake NFT + $FIWA to earn $FIWA
  • Stake NFT + $CWIG to earn $CWIG
  • PvP, PvE

What is CWIG in DeFi Warrior?

CWIG token is used as a reward for Warriors when DWers participate in in-game activities such as: Farming, Adventures, Mining, PvP, Championship or rewards from the Reward pool. CWIG is used for Fork, Evolution and other in-game events. Early CWIG holders will get advantages when the game launches.

How to stake NFT Warrior in DeFi Warrior?

DeFi Warrior is a game with the form of “play to earn”. One of many ways to earn money in DeFi Warrior is staking. Users will stake by adding NFT Warrior into the staking pool to earn CWIG, and can add multiple NFTs at one into this pool for staking.

Instruction step by step to stake NFT Warrior to earn CWIG

  • Requirement:

DWers have to own at least 1 Warrior

Connect wallet Metamask (only accepted)

Now go to NFT Staking: https://app.defiwarrior.io/ and choose the “NFT Staking” menu.

Step 1: Enable Warrior Staking Pool

We have 6 pools for 6 Warrior crypto types. DWers need to choose the right pool of your warriors. Then you click “Enable” to sign the wallet (the first time).

Step 2: Stake Your Warrior

After signing your wallet, the button “Stake” is active and it allows you to put your Warriors in the pool.

a. Select Warrior to stake

b. “Confirm” to approve BNB gas fee

Step 3: You are in staking status

a. Stake more by clicking on the “+” icon

b. Unstake by clicking on the “-” icon

Step 4: Harvest CWIG. Your staking time will end whenever you unstake all your NFT Warrior in the pool.

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