Announcement: DeFi Warrior’s Marketplace opens now!

The Mera
2 min readSep 14, 2021
  • September 14th , 2021, at 2PM UTC.
  • Marketplace — a place to buy and sell NFTs exclusively for Dwers is now open!
  • FIWA is the only currency accepted for payment
  • NFT Warrior sellers have to pay 4% per transaction on the Marketplace
  • The in-app browser of Metamask App is recommended for the mobile version.


As soon as NFT warriors are “revealed”, DWERs can trade your assets on DeFi Warrior’s NFT Marketplace in the form of buy-sell. Warriors are named as its representative cryptocurrency pool where they are minted. The game development team has planned to propose as easy as possible methods for players to access it in a very early stage of the game drop map. However, it would be harder or challenging to get one in the future when it becomes a rarity over time.

The fact is that not all the Warriors are named after all cryptocurrencies trading now but popular ones. Even though the pool of it is limited, it will be soon fulfilled over time.

Warriors are released in limited quantities and at certain intervals. When the total number of issued Warriors is sold out, other batches will be released through announcements on the project’s media channels.

Besides using FIWA to buy Warriors in issuing events, users can also buy Warriors on the exchange where users can buy and sell NFT assets using in-game.

Another 3,000 PURE Warriors are ready for the 2nd release.

Own warriors and earn massive rewards! Are you ready to join us now?



The Mera