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The Mera
3 min readMar 28, 2023

1. Bounty Hunters Introduction

Bounty Hunters is a Catch-and-Earn claw machine game base on a gameFi system. By building partnerships with famous NFT Projects and Japanese artists, players will be able to earn not only tokens but also NFTs. The team aims to maximize the experience value of claw machine games online and provide users with fun and excitement when they get prizes.

The first Catch-and-Earn project

2. Project Highlights

a/ NFT system

— Genesis NFT: also called “Play Ticket Vending NFT”, this NFT operates as a virtual vending machine for play tickets, which players can rent to the platform to receive a rental fee. They are classified into 3 types (Pink, Green, Purple) and each type has a different rental fee. The Genesis NFT sales timeline will be updated soon on Bounty Hunters’ website

— Boost NFTs: the Boost NFT helps players to boost the maximum number of play times per day. Furthermore, owning this NFT will give you 50%-100% off the shipping cost of Real prizes.

— Bounty NFTs: This kind of NFT is the chance for NFT artists can get game fee by adding their artwork to the bounty NFTs Claw Machine.

— Pay-forward NFTs: NFT for donation and support. All profits generated from this claw machine will be donated to groups, individuals, and children with various social issues. All of these are tracked and published on-chain.

Play fees, Charge methods, and available prizes in Bounty Hunters

b/ Questions from the community

The Bounty Hunters collab with partners around the world may be mentioned as Ninja Game Guild, MetaX, Pacific Meta, The Mera,… These partners are working in many fields and they have the certain experience to develop blockchain-based projects like Bounty Hunters. Besides, Bounty Hunters is building partnerships with famous Japanese artists, which is also promising for investors.

As mentioned before, the project is building partnerships with famous artists and other blockchain-based projects, that’s a point that makes Bounty Hunters different — working with reputable partners for long-term development. Besides, the project wants to focus on the benefit of users to have a sustainable growth community, thereby ensuring the development milestones of the roadmap.

Players can easily get used to the platform because every step is simplified for newbies. They adopt a login system that makes everything simple. As before, users can log in with their SNS or email address. A wallet address for receiving tokens is automatically created, which means users do not need to manage seed phrases or private keys. So we could say that Bounty Hunters is very suitable for new investors

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