A Special DeFi Warrior NFT That Was Worth $10,000

If there is one thing to talk about the Play-to-Earn, it has to be how the model provides so much value to the gaming community. It is not only the fun or the amusement that players get from playing games, but also the true financial value. Blockchain technology has revolutionized the gaming industry, to the point where many people perceive gaming as a source of income.

DeFi Warrior was built based on that perception, and even took it further. When the game launched its mainnet at the end of October, it was hugely welcomed by the community. Thousands of battles have been fought, and plenty of players have been earning big while simply playing DeFi Warrior.

Coincidently, the mainnet was released on the same night as Halloween, and DeFi Warrior did not miss the chance to bring a spooky atmosphere to the game by holding a Halloween event named “Sweet or Squid”. In this event, the community also saw the debut of a special NFT warrior.

What was special about this warrior is that it was a Tier 1 warrior that came with 6 mythic accessories, making it one of the most powerful warriors in the game.

But what truly caught the attention of the DeFi Warrior community was this announcement: Should whoever wins this warrior decides to sell it, the team at DeFi Warrior will commit to re-buy it for $10,000 USDT. Needless to say, the community members were thrilled. Whoever wanted to own this warrior had to follow the rule:

  • First of all, they had to stake 2500 FIWA in order to get the opportunity to win the warrior.
  • They then needed to buy tickets that represented the chances to bring this warrior home, and each ticket cost only $2 USDT. The more tickets they bought, the more chances they got

Throughout the event, 2,082,500 FIWA were staked, and an overwhelming number of 5762 tickets were bought.

Hundreds of participants, and only one winner. And of course, the winner decided to sell it back to the team at DeFi Warrior to receive $10,000 USDT. To be realistic, who wouldn’t?

Thank you DeFi Warrior! So happy that I was able to participate in this event and came out the winner! BTW, this is the dopest warrior I have seen in the game! I believe other players would like to see more warriors like this in the future! Keep on releasing exciting stuffs, we’ll be looking forward to it! Cheers!” said the winner.

Not only was the event successful, but it also gave the community a glimpse of what DeFi Warrior was all about: Bringing crypto to millions of people.

Since the early development of the game, DeFi Warrior’s main point of focus has been on creating an immersive world where players can earn while playing. As a result, the game has developed a variety of game modes which allow players to take part in different activities for enhanced gaming experience as well as different ways to generate profits. The world of DeFi Warrior is a world where players can actually live in.




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