04 main reasons why NFT games have become so popular

The Mera
1 min readJun 15, 2021


Let’s take a closer look at four reasons why NFT games have become a “hot trend” recently.

Thanks to the evolution of DeFi, the expansion in the capital and users taking part in Crypto, NFT projects have become true from the ideas and have been announced to people worldwide.

  • There is a great number of NFTs that are traded at high prices. Lots of people hope to seek the opportunity to find a valuable NFT. The desire to own valuable NFT creates a motivation to sign up for NFT Game accounts.
  • Through the Covid-19 pandemic, people started to pay attention to MMO (make money online). Besides, “The play to earn” mode is desirable for those with little capital.
  • Last but not least, the potential of NFT games plays an essential part in making NFT games become a trend of the year. NFT games are not only entertainment but also creating value for users.

All over the world, playing DeFi x NFTs game to earn money is a trend. Joining some games soon will help you get more certain advantages. As you know, the NFTs are scarce. The more people join, the more difficulties you can possess NFTs.


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